About the University

The thought to establish a world-class university has been one of my dreams, not just a university… but a world-class university of choice for the youths and adults alike… bringing qualitative and technologically- driven education to the door steps of teeming population of Nigerians seeking admission to higher education as well as other people and adults of the world.
The thought and the need to come up with a university came like a call of duty on the Friday 5th October, 2018. On the Thursday 16th October, 2018 – The name “African American University” was chosen and became incorporated on the Tuesday 11th December 2018 in Nigeria. In other words, African American University was born on the 16th October, 2018… out of passion to bring quality education to the youths and adults.

African American University (AAU) as a world-class University has global network, with its international foreign headquarter in Atlanta Georgia, USA; as well as its African headquarter in Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin.
African American University is affiliated to ESCAE BENIN UNIVERSITY, PORTO-NOVO, Republic of Benin, and also to UNIVERSITE PROTESTANTE DE L'Afrique DE L' Quest (UPAO) , Porto-Novo,Republic of Benin, among others, strengthen collaborative advantages.


Commitment in nurturing academic and professional community of Men and Women through qualitative research, teaching, service and development


Be the most preferred University of first-rate wealth of human and non-human resource for development of entrepreneurial manpower.

Prof Ben Ezeohagwu, Chancellor and Founder, African American University, Porto-Novo Republic of Benin
Chancellor and Founder

Ben Ezeohagwu is the chancellor and founder of African American University, Porto-Novo Republic of Benin. He is a professor of Graphoanalysis, and formerly Dean of a number of Universities in Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin.

Ben Ezeohagwu is the first Nigerian Professor of Graphoanalysis (Institute of Graphoanalysts, Nigeria(2014). Ben Ezeohagwu is also the first black African Professor of Graphoanalysis (University of Business Technology, Wilmington, Delaware, USA; Edexcel University, Ifangni, Plateau, Republic of Benin, 2015). Ben Ezeohagwu is the first black African writer winner of Onigraffiks prize in Literature(2017).

Ben Ezeohagwu is a regular columnist, researcher, expert guest to several media and faculty member of several institutions in Nigeria and abroad. He is listed in BLERF’S WHO'S WHO IN NIGERIA(2018).