The Founder of African American University



Prof Ben Ezeohagwu

Chancellor and Founder,
African American University, Porto-Novo Republic of Benin


Ben Ezeohagwu is the chancellor and founder of African American University, Porto-Novo Republic of Benin. He is a professor of Graphoanalysis, and formerly Dean of a number of Universities in Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin.Ben Ezeohagwu is the first Nigerian Professor of Graphoanalysis (Institute of Graphoanalysts, Nigeria(2014). Ben Ezeohagwu is also the first black African Professor of Graphoanalysis (University of Business Technology, Wilmington, Delaware, USA; Edexcel University, Ifangni, Plateau, Republic of Benin, 2015). Ben Ezeohagwu is the first black African writer winner of Onigraffiks prize in Literature(2017).

Ben Ezeohagwu is a regular columnist, researcher, expert guest to several media and faculty member of several institutions in Nigeria and abroad. He is listed in BLERF’S WHO’S WHO IN NIGERIA(2018).

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