African American University (AAU) is a world-class University that has global network, has its international foreign headquarter in Atlanta Georgia, USA; as well as its Africa’s headquarter in Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin.


African American University is affiliated to ESCAE BENIN UNIVERSITY, PORTO-NOVO, Republic of Benin, and also to UNIVERSITE PROTESTANTE DE L’Afrique DE L’ Quest (UPAO) , Porto-Novo,Republic of Benin, among others, strengthen collaborative advantages.

Commitment in nurturing academic and professional community of Men and Women through qualitative research, teaching, service and development.

Be the most preferred University of first-rate wealth of human and non-human resource for development of entrepreneurial manpower.

African American University

Bringing forth world transformation
For a sustainable, democratic society


Here you find information about the application process, life as a student in African American University and much more.

Prof Ben Ezeohagwu

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    International collaborations

    African American University collaborates with universities all over the world as well as businesses and organizations in Porto-Novo and beyond.

    Award Winning



    Here we present what you need to know about moving to Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin to work and live in Porto-Novo. We hope to welcome you soon!


    Academic Writing Service

    The Academic Writing Service provides English-language support for writing and study skills. We give talks and seminars and offer individual guidance.



    Education and research are conducted at African American University within 53 departments, centres and institutes.

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